“Working with Dan and his team in the Technology Collaboration Center – West at SPAWAR enabled us to introduce core technologies in data transport and low light imaging to decision makers in defense, in a very efficient and focused manner. From the initial engagement, to arranging key meetings, and the subsequent follow up – including something as unique as arranging for backup numbers at DoD in case we got questioned by the local police while testing out low light imaging systems (which we ending up needing) – Dan had our back. With Dan now moving to Boarhog, I look forward to continuing the practical and positive relationship. Simply put, with Dan to drive and handle the interfaces, we can focus on delivering the very best of what we have, to those who serve in our defense.”

“I can’t think of two more passionate people when it comes to helping small business with “a hand up” to support DoD. Joe and Dan’s vast knowledge and experience is only part of what makes them unique. It’s this combined with their provocative forward thinking and motivational enthusiasm that makes the total package. Dan encouraged Knowledge Made Solutions to visit TCC-West, a wonderful technology incubator, where he took the time to learn what we do, explained how they can help us, including matchmaking with the right government customer, an excellent opportunity for small business. I always thought of Joe as a small business guy in large business clothing. Just attend one of his many small business meetings, you’ll see his head, heart and soul are for small business success. The BoarHog motto captures what I know about you both “COMMITTED” Best wishes to you both – BoarHog LLC will be successful!”