Patented cloud-enabled Process Tool set that enables a framework for rapid and cost effective Technology Assessment that dovetails directly into Structured and Certification Testing. It leverages and integrates existing efforts performed by Department of Defense programs as applicable.

Testing Continuum

The Syndicate performing Unstructured Testing of mature IT box capabilities in no way supplants the Structured Testing performed by the government. Instead, it promotes Small Business innovation by using Developer investments and vendor product lines to accelerate the time to government testing

CTA Framework

Advantages of Implementing Boarhog Logic™

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Assessment Completed at Zero Cost to the Government or the Target Architecture Management Agent Assessment Completed from Handshake to Report Within 90 Days or Less

Candidate Technology Assessment Process and Governance Flow documented
Small Business IP Protection Plan
Assessment Requirements Management Portal
Stakeholder Collaboration Portal for Data Discovery and Reverse Auction Lab Asset Scheduling

Latest Boarhog Logic(TM) Project Completed

September 4th, 2014 – Millennium Computer Products (MCPGov), a San Diego based source agent of computing technology for the U.S. military, has successfully completed an independent technology assessment of its newly available R420xr Extra Rugged server against the U.S. Navy’s future shipboard network environment. The Boarhog Logic(TM) Candidate Technology Assessment (CTA) was conducted by Boarhog LLC in three applicable areas: Cybersecurity Readiness, Integration Readiness, and Performance. In all assessed areas the R420xr server performed beyond minimum thresholds and is assessed as LOW RISK for integration in the U.S. Navy’s afloat network architecture.