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System-of-Systems Engineering Testing and Evaluation
Boarhog inspires creation of end-to-end innovative solutions that address our customers' challenges. Boarhog created the Expanded Enterprise Engineering and Certification (E3C) business innovation from Boarhog Logic™.

System-of-Systems Engineering

Boarhog has created and co-developed multiple innovations which have received government support, to include the automated Persistent Configuration Management (PCM) aboard Trident Warrior 2017 test ships, and the Evolved Enterprise Engineering and Certification (E3C) which uniquely delivers Development and IT Operations (DevOps) environments and experienced evaluators to rapidly develop and assess System-of-Systems capabilities including candidate technologies relevant in the maritime domain.

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Boarhog is working with the PEO C4I Assistant PEO for Engineering to deliver Continuous Development and Integration (CDI) capability that promotes System-of-Systems effectiveness and suitability, and achieves Speed to Capability.

Test and Evaluation

Boarhog also uniquely presents production representative C4I environments and experienced evaluators to enable Development and IT Operations (DevOps) relevant in the maritime domain. Boarhog Logic™ assessments are intended to dovetail into the inherently governmental Structured and Certification testing, thereby complementing the government's efforts to reduce risk, promote effectiveness and suitability, and achieve Speed to Capability.

Benefits to the government of Boarhog Logic™ include:

  • A. Relevant assessment results from 3rd party at no cost to the government.
  • B. A new channel of testing leading to government certification
  • C. Increased competition through an expanding pool of engaged suppliers
  • D. Increased government and industry awareness by early, frequent and constructive engagement with innovators and technologists
  • E. Process efficiencies resulting in more productive use of the government's time and resources
  • F. Promotion of Small Businesses, very few of whom have access to Production Representative Systems and associated engineering expertise.
  • G. Continued investment in system development capacity by industry leadership, who are encouraged by the increased use of their substantial investments.
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